“Highway Memories” or “All the times Laura and Rachel and I saw Driftless Pony Club”


I guess it all started in 2010 when I attended a Youtube meetup in Seattle hosted by Dan Brown (the vlogger, not the author of The Davinci Code) and Craig Benzine (Wheezy Waiter on youtube). That’s where I met Laura and Rachel and a bunch of other great people. We became fast friends and formed a circle of buddies, all youtubers alike. They were from Canada, but it didn’t matter. Distance wasn’t an issue, online video transcended space.

March of 2011, by some stroke of crazy luck, I won a contest and was chosen to open for Craig Benzine’s band Driftless Pony Club, and a few other youtube aritsts at a little club in Hamden, CT. This was my first concert ever, and my first time travelling across the country by myself. A lot of firsts. It was terrifying. Somehow I managed to sneak my way onto the bill when DPC hit Seattle in May. That summer,  my youtube buddies and I attended an online video conference in southern California. This was the second annual gathering known as Vidcon. Made by and for youtubers, Driftless Pony Club naturally made an appearance, as well as a host of other familiar faces.

Fast forward to 2012. I’m not sure how I managed this, but I found myself once again travelling down the west coast with my buddies, this time on tour. The Exceptionally Ordinary Tour was the brainchild of youtuber Todd Williams, or Toddly. We did this in 2013 as well, and we were joined by Mike Falzone, who I shared the stage with at that club show in 2011. Hitting the same venues two years in a row, and topping it off with seeing Driftless Pony Club play live at vidcon both years – these are memories that will hold a special and surreal place in my heart as long as I’ve still got neurons to fire.

I’ve seen Driftless Pony Club a few times since then. Most recently, last year. Laura, Rachel and I made the 800 mile trek from Seattle, WA to Salt Lake City, UT to catch them on tour. It was a magical experience. The memories of that journey, and the rest listed above, are what inspired my latest Spintunes entry “Highway Memories.” To bring it full circle, on the way back from Salt Lake City, we made a stop to visit Toddly, the awesome dude who organized those unforgettable tours all those years ago.


Road trips hold a special place in my heart. Those highway memories are inseparably tied to music and friends. This one’s dedicated to my true road trip homies Laura and Rachel. Thanks for sharing the experiences. : )

Pay what you want for “Highway Memories” on Bandcamp

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2 Responses to “Highway Memories” or “All the times Laura and Rachel and I saw Driftless Pony Club”

  1. Nice tune, good memories. I got wind that Andy had won the contest. The fact he was traveling across the country to open for this gig in CT motivated me to make the trek down with a few cameras to cover the night on video. It’s all still on youtube. I went back to The Station in CT a few times after that to meet new people I still call friends today. Andy was a fun show.

    You knew it was one of his first gigs from the performance, but it didn’t matter. The crowd was welcoming, and listened and reacted well to his songs they had never heard before. And Andy was humble but heartfelt in his performance, the vibe rung true, and he gained a bunch of fans that night. I remember him in the audience taking stills of the other bands, and noticing me behind him with a camera, and trying to get out of the way. I said stay. I wanted crowd in front of me with the band. He was a little surprised, and went back to enjoying the show.

    I just looked at the video of that night, and realized he jumped onstage before anyone announced him. So ran to get a camera and I didn’t have a chance to set up a tripod and did it single camera handheld for the whole set.

    Turn Off Your Phone

    I also forgot I forced Andy to do some liners for Joe ‘Conenant’ Lamb’s old radio show before he was on The Look 24/7. Hopefully it did force joe to play his music, because I made Andy do IDs for him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmcEKxMQGIs

    Fun times. And many more to come!

    Tommy G

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