What’s up with all those Factory pictures, Andy?

Wow, I haven’t touched this blog in a while! I’d like to take a moment to just let you know where my head is at and what I’m up to in this year of 2021, poised to be another very interesting trip around the sun.

The events of 2020 have shaken all of us to some degree, and for me it’s solidified my intention to pursue endeavors in the arena of the internet. Regular Instagram posts have been one of my first steps in building what I hope will be a brand that becomes synonymous with both informative and entertaining gaming content.

I’ve taken a few honest attempts at becoming a bona-fide twitch streamer that have ended in burnout, so I’ve been taking it easy on that this time around. Streaming when I want to, or when I have some actual interesting content to share has made it more of a pleasure to take part in, and less of a chore.

I’ve also begun to put together a gaming YouTube channel, focusing less on consistency and more on the process itself. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been taking too much time carefully selecting video topics, instead of throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, but slowly a catalog of video content that I am truly proud of is emerging.

As I attempt to pull myself toward the mix-things-up, try-new-things, be-more-creative end of the content creation spectrum with things like blogging, I’m going to keep the focus on continuing to create, so stay tuned, I hope to deliver the best content I can in this new year!

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